Enhance your mood, reduce stress & promote relaxation with warm amber glow of Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Restore peace & calmness, helps promote good skin by having this precious Amethyst Cluster

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Rejuvenate & spread calmness, peace & love by having these unique stones.

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ThinkEarth is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of Himalayan rock salt. We are delighted to serve our clients all around the world since 2009.

Made from rock Himalayan salt, we have high-quality products crafted to perfection.

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We are offering a vast variety of crystals, home decor and pantry products. Search any keyword, name, crystal name to discover the right piece for you.

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Himalayan salt rock lamps provide a soothing, therapeutic glow to any room in which they are placed and provide an improved and balanced environment in your home.


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